What is deconstruction?

Somewhat recently I was asked this question on TikTok. I responded that largely deconstruction is people trying to understand that various parts of their faith in order to, ultimately, rebuild one that is far stronger and deeper than the one they had when they started. While I think the answer I gave was sufficient for a bare-bones understanding, I thought I should take the time to really explore what deconstruction is, and what it means for people of faith today.

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The Gospel of John: John 18

Jesus knew this was the last night everyone was going to be together. He knew that the time ahead was going a struggle for his disciples because they would not know what was going on. Last week we took a look at the prayer Jesus gave for his disciples before the evening’s events would finish. This week is the beginning of the end. From here on out Jesus is moving towards the Cross. Continue reading “The Gospel of John: John 18”