What Does it Mean to Live Like a Christian Today?

So this being the first post for Christian living in the new format I thought it would be interesting to try and understand what it means to live as a Christian today. The world has certainly changed over time, which means the way we interact with it is different than Christians before us. It is certainly beneficial for us to study how previous Christians practice their faith, and we might do that sometime. However, today the concern is for us to look at life today as Christians, so I have made a list of some (I think) interesting ways in which you can practice your faith.

Attend worship online There is not much more important to the Christian life than gathering with other believers and worshiping God and remembering what Jesus has done for the world. There are times though that you might not be able to go to church: just moved, sick, out of gas money, etc. I would advocate that you make sure to attend worship physically as often as possible, but today we have technology that allows you to join in worship at any time in any location. There are even some churches that exist entirely online!

Find an online Bible study group The internet is truly the greatest invention of our time. It allows us to connect with people that we normally would not be able to. This means we could connect with people that have different theological perspectives because of location and experience. I am a big advocate of engaging with people that believe and think differently than you do. You can simply do an internet search to find a number of existing online study groups, and there are certainly plenty on social media networks too.

While I’m thinking about the Bible…

Read a version YOU understand There are plenty of people that believe that you can and should only read one particular version of the Bible. While I understand the reasoning, I disagree with this completely. We live in a world where there are plenty of good Bible translations done by amazing scholars and groups. Even if you can read Greek or Hebrew, you still are not reading the /original/ writings that we find in the Bible. Pick a version that makes sense to you and you can get something out of. This is what Bible study is all about. If you are not able to succeed, change something (it just might be your Bible translation).

Sacrifice something Christianity has always been about giving something of yourself for the betterment of others. In our lives today, we do not have to give up anything. We are able to provide for all of our needs with virtually no problems. It is abnormal for anyone to give up anything. Consider sacrificing something in your life so you can devote more time an energy into following Jesus.

Going Forward

The Christian life is supposed to be different from the world around us, and there certainly are plenty of instructions out there for how to accomplish that. The thing that I find most common is a list of what to-dos with no real help on how to do. I hope this list at least gets you started in thinking about what you can do. If you have any other ideas, please leave a comment below.

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