Alright! Here We Go

So I told you earlier that I was going to get this blog up and running again. I’ve done a lot of work on the back end with planning and prep, but haven’t gotten around to writing much. I made the post about Reckless Love because I observed quite a bit of controversy and felt I needed to write about it before I introduced it to my home church. The point of this post is to let you know what to expect in this new format of the HMB.  I thought it was important to give a bit of an explanation of content plans both to let you know what is coming and to help keep me accountable. This plan is definitely very optimistic. I have a lot going on, so if you notice a lull do not worry. I will be back shortly as a lot of my posts are loaded up and ready to publish.

First up, on the first Wednesday of each month, I will be posting a book review. My goal is that these materials will be edifying to you and can help you chase after the heart of God. Personally, I am attracted to more theological books than anything else. Please do not expect any fiction. These books will mostly be about some theological principle, Bible study methods, or some part of Christian life. For full transparency, some of these will be sponsored (as in the publisher sent me the book) and some will not (as in I really thought you should know about the book). If you have any suggestion of materials, you can always send me your ideas here.

On Sundays, I’ll post about worship. Traditionally, Sunday is meant to be a day where the Church gathers together to worship God and praise Him for the work He has done in the world, especially through His son, Jesus. Most of these post will likely be centered around a song, but are meant to help you in expressing worship to God.

On Tuesdays, we discuss Christian life. These posts are about living in the world today and how faith interacts with that. I know that there is a lot of talk in the world today about the state of the Church and how it affects our personal lives. Some people think that our faith should only be practiced in our homes and churches. I would disagree with that. I want to see a world where Christians are able to express themselves at home and in the world. So these posts will seek to show how that happens.

Finally, on Thursdays will be a Bible Study. One of the central pieces of the HMB is that we actually study the Bible. Of course, I am not a doctor and by no means an expert in Scripture. Yet I do believe that as believers we have the responsibility to read and study the Bible for ourselves and the building up of the Church.

Where do we go from here?

Tomorrow we will begin our study over the Gospel of John. I will begin with an introductory overview of the Gospel. No prior reading necessary.

Also, I am working on a study of Spiritual Disciplines. Spiritual Disciplines are an important way for believers to point their lives to God and seek a deeper connection with Him. However, I have noticed that there are several Christians that do not even know what I mean when I say “Spiritual Disciplines.” So, I am leading a small group through this study and after doing lots of editing, I will make it available through this site.

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