Trusting Him!


Have you ever had a choice to make, and talked yourself out of doing something because it would be difficult? This especially happens with jobs. For me, it seems to happen every time I look for new employment. An exciting new opportunity arises, and I talk myself out of even applying because of all the hard work and change that would happen if I get the job. Does anyone else think this is crazy?! This can even happen when you know God is leading you somewhere. But if God is leading us, should we really be so afraid to even try?

Paul writes to Timothy, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.” (2 Timothy 1:7, NLT). God doesn’t want us to be afraid. He wants us to stand in His power and try. We must then place our faith and trust in Him to help us. As I said last week, there are many times in the Bible that people were able to overcome impossible odds because they put their trust in God. Paul’s statement to Timothy is telling us that God doesn’t want us to be afraid, or too timid to try. God want’s us to stand strong in His power and do our best!

Let’s do something about being to scared to act. Let’s stand in the power of Christ and say “I Trust You!” Take the risk knowing that God will lead you through it.


Psalms to Pray: Psalm 27-30

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