I Lift My Hands!

man in praise

I came across a video today (below posted as “The funny video”) that is poking fun at raising hands in church. He is talking about the difference between a “hand raising church” and a “non-hand raising church”. Don’t get me wrong, I thought it was hilarious, but it got me thinking about something. All churches should be hand raising churches! Paul wrote to Timothy, “In every place of worship, I want men to pray with holy hands lifted up to God, free from anger and controversy.” (1 Timothy 2:8 NLT). Lifting our hands is an expression of worship, not one that someone has lost their mind. Or on the other side, they did lose their mind and gave all of themselves in worship of their Heavenly Father!

I have to admit that hand raising was something that I never understood, even when I first started leading worship. Then I tried it. I will never judge someone who lifts their hands in worship again, or any other symbol of praise (shouting, clapping, dancing, etc). I would suggest, if you haven’t before, lift your hands in worship. You can do it right now. Praise God with your hands lifted high. It is truly an experience I wish everyone would have, and not sit there and think others are silly for doing it. I was that way, but never again. We were made for worship, so let’s give our all in worship.

The funny video:

On a more serious note (Louie Giglio from Symphony (I Lift My Hands):


Psalms to Pray: Psalms 3-4

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