Pray the Psalms


Today’s post is quite simple. I forgot my Bibles at home, so I could not write a post from there. I, instead, turned to a magazine I have for Worship Leaders, and inside was an excerpt from The Case For The Psalms: Why They Are Essential by N.T. Wright. In this passage, Mr Wright poses an argument for praying through the Psalms.

The basis for his stance is that we cannot fully understand Jesus if we do not have a complete understanding of the Psalms. Jesus, and his disciples, were Jews that had a deep knowledge of Scripture which is what led to the common quoting of Psalms. When we learn these passages, we get a better look at God and the whole story of Jesus Christ.

So I will now be posting Psalms for us to pray through each day. You can choose to join me if you’d like, but as the Heart Man, I am seeking to know God even deeper. According to Wright, this is possible by praying the Psalms.


Psalms to Pray: Psalm 1

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