Who Are You Serving?


Just a quick nugget today!

I came across something today that was talking about servant leadership. This is a very important quality of Christian leadership, and it really should be applied to all forms of leadership (but that’s another matter). But I got to thinking. Servanthood is really a basic attribute of our Christian faith, and we should live that way. Now I’m not talking about slavery, but rather serving one another.

When Jesus washed the feet of the disciples, he said to them, “For I gave you an example that you also should do as I did to you.” (John 13:15 NASB). Jesus was saying that we should live to serve others, just as he had.

So who do you seek to serve? You don’t have to be in leadership to serve. Just decide to make the effort to make someone’s day a little better. Go on, give it a try.