Mindless Reading?


Hey guys, guess what. I’m back!!!!!! Today’s post is going to be short, and that’s okay.

I just had someone say something to me that I couldn’t understand. “I am going to read something that I don’t have to use my brain.” WHAT?! I can’t wrap my head around such statement. Now I know that plenty of people want to have mindless reading from time to time. I work in a library, so I see people’s reading habits very well. But I don’t get mindless reading. This person’s comment came from a place where they are a college student, and didn’t want to read something that made her think like college does. I understand that. I went to college for 6 years, and the last 3 I was an online student (if you want to read and think A LOT in college, be an online student). But I have never felt that way. Most of the things that people read “mindlessly” are actually pretty bad for us. Something I’ve seen during my days at the library, is that mindless reading usually equals something involving lots of sex and promiscuity, drugs, and profanity. So if we read these things mindlessly (aka when our defenses are down), is there really any wonder why these things are so prevalent in our society?

Maybe my problem with mindless reading comes from what I read when I need an escape from what I have to read. I turn to the Bible. This was especially difficult when I was studying the Bible, but I did it anyway. In his second letter to Timothy, Paul writes “All Scripture is God-breathed” (2 Timothy 3:16 NIV). I equate this to the words I’m reading, God is actually saying them to me. Have you ever been captivated by a public speaker. I have, and I always seem to love what they have to say. But the greatest speaker there is and ever will be is God. You can’t read the Bible “mindlessly”. You have to think. It causes you to think. It isn’t just words on a page. It is the words of the God that created everything there is and ever will be. I love reading His Word. I can’t imagine any reason I wouldn’t.

So mindless reading really confuses me. I don’t read mindlessly; I can’t. I understand why people think this is what they need to read when they want an escape. But do we really need to mindlessly enter a place full of sin? My encouragement is to read the Bible when you want to escape. To me, reading Scripture is just like going to the Throne Room of God and listening to Him speak these words and tell these stories. That, my friends, is so much better than escaping to a fantasy world full of the things God would not be proud of.

PS Please don’t think I’m criticizing this person. I fully understand their viewpoint. It just brought forth a topic that I thought I would share with the blog!