Build Up Others (Romans 15 & 16)

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Well friends, here we are. I decided to go ahead and put the last two chapters together, so that way we can start something new on Monday. Not sure what it is, I may just talk.

There is a very important task for us as in the life of being a Christian. It’s not one that many people seem to talk about, and it most certainly isn’t one that I’d given much thought to until I was placed in leadership. It is something that is hard for us to do, especially when we are new to the faith. But it is a vital part to our walk of faith. What I’m speaking of is pouring into someone else. It is important for us to share Jesus with people. This saving grace of ours is not something we can, or should, keep to ourselves.

Paul tells us, “We should help others do what is right and build them up in the Lord.” (15:2 NLT). It is important to help people. Take every opportunity to help people, and open the Scriptures up to them. If we don’t do this, we miss opportunities to turn people to Christ, or even simply to just make new friends. I had an experience with this today at work. As I was preparing for this post, someone at work saw I had my Bible open. She asked me about a specific verse that she wasn’t able to understand. I was able to help her understand, and I could see her eyes open to it.

As a worship leader, I must pour into both the congregation I serve and the team that helps me. This doesn’t mean that I need to be having a Bible study with them every time we get together. But it is important to see how everyone is doing. Checking in with the Senior pastor so she can pour into me and I into her.

The other part of this is that this helps us to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20). Jesus commanded us to make more disciples. We cannot do this unless we are building others up in Christ. It is important because not only does it further the gospel message, it can help us learn more about our faith. I find speaking to people who either aren’t Christians or new to the faith, help my faith much more than speaking to a pastor or someone more mature than me. Don’t get me wrong, speaking with more mature Christians is great too. But “newbies” tend to think of thing I hadn’t. Then we get to travel into the Bible and learn together.

I suppose the main point is to find someone that you can spend time and learn together with. Our faith is not based on a blind decision and devotion. It is important to continue to learn and build others up in Christ. Help them through difficult passages, or times in their lives. They will be able to do the same for you when you have a need. So stand strong and help others and build them up in Christ!

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