It’s a Heart Thing (Romans 10)


In this chapter of Romans Paul makes a statement that changes the view of everything, “If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raise him from the dead, you will be saved.” (10:9 NLT). Did you catch what he said there? “Believe in your heart.”

In the time of Paul writings, the Jews were very much a ritual society. They knew they had to perform such and such tasks in order to “appease” God. It became such a ritual that the message of God left their hearts. That’s why Jesus’ ministry was so radical to them. They were used to the way of being a Jew, but had forgotten what it meant to be a Jew. So God came to this world, set us free from sin, and opened Himself up for the whole world to enjoy.

Today our Christian culture starts to feel the same way. They lose what it means to be the Church and instead they do church. This is one of my biggest issues as a worship leader. My task is to help you connect with God on a personal level, not simply come together and sing some songs. We have two services at my church and you can tell a big difference between the two. The first service (the one that’s been around for ever) the people just stare at you and sing the words to songs they know. They get really picky about doing certain things the way they’ve always been done. But the other service is always moving and engaging.

That’s what God wants from us friends. He wants us to move. He wants us to feel it, to truly believe within our hearts what He has done for us. He doesn’t just want us to say who He is, He wants us to live that way. Let it fill our hearts so that we can’t do anything else but stand in awe of Him!

It’s not a ritual thing, this faith we have, it’s a heart thing.

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