The Secret Place


There is an idea out there that I have heard called “The Secret Place”. Essentially this idea comes down to, “how do you spend time with God?” It means to intentionally take time out of your day, and spend it intimately with God, alone.

The New Testament is full of times where Jesus goes off, by himself, and spends the time in prayer. It’s almost always used as a way for him to regain or acquire strength for the coming events. There are two times that really stick out to me. The first is just after he feeds the multitude. After performing the miracle with bread and fish, and preaching to the multitude of people, Jesus finally sent them all away. Then he sent the disciples across the Sea of Galilee ahead of him. Jesus the went up a mountain, by himself, in order to spend time in prayer (Matthew 14:23). The second time is in the Garden of Gethsemane. The night before Jesus was arrested he took three of the disciples with him, told them to stay put, then moved away from them to be alone (Luke 22:41).

I hadn’t really ever given much thought to my alone time with God until quite recently. I always thought that I was doing pretty well if I made sure to read my Bible everyday. But I wasn’t getting the refreshment that Jesus received. I wasn’t sure what I was doing wrong. Then God stirred in my heart the answer, I have intentionally make time for God. Our relationship with God must be on purpose, otherwise it isn’t a real relationship. It’s the same thing we do with our relationships on earth; our friends and family must have time made for them otherwise they get neglected. The same is true for God. Back in March, my wife and I went to the Burning Lights tour with Chris Tomlin and Kari Jobe. I felt refreshed after that, so I felt that was what I needed to do. Find some time that I can go to worship that isn’t me leading it. But quickly I learned that wasn’t the answer.

This past Saturday night I decided that I had to start being intentional. So I set my alarm for 5 am, I had to lead two services in the morning, so I had to wake up early anyway. So I woke up, made some coffee and sat down with my Bible. My entire day went differently! Worship was great! I felt good, because I connected with God first thing. I am now on the fourth day of this “experiment” and it’s quickly becoming something I yearn for. This morning, I went on my back porch with my coffee and Bible, the brought out my guitar and started worshiping. That completed it for me.

So I encourage you to find that Secret Place, and intentionally spend time with God. This is where we can learn about the heart of God, and His will for our lives. It refreshes us and fills us with living water. My experience has been great, and I hope you will at least try it for a few days like I have. And have fun with it, God is your friend, so be His in return!

I’m putting a song by Kutless up here. It’s called Take Me In. I think it really fits with this post so listen and enjoy!