Go! (Mark 16)


HA HA! I bet you all thought that I gave up on this blog thingy! NEVER!!!!!! Unfortunately my family had a really busy weekend, and had to spend yesterday in the hospital with my mother-in-law. So no time for blogging :(. But now I’m back! So let’s finish up Mark!

In Mark 16 we discover the biggest reason to believe in Jesus Christ, the Resurrection!. In the last chapter, Jesus was crucified and placed in a tomb belonging to Joseph of Arimathea (a member of the Sanhedrin!). So the following morning after Passover, three days later, Mary Magdalene and Jesus’ mother Mary went to the tomb with spices in order to anoint his body (as per the Jewish custom). But when they arrived they saw that the tomb was open and empty, and a man wearing a white robe told them that Jesus had risen! When the women returned and told the disciples what they saw, none of them believe except Peter, who took off running to the tomb (Luke 24:11-12).

40 days Jesus spent on this earth after his resurrection. On the last day he gathered the disciples on a mountain and gave them a message, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation” (16:15 NASB). This is the statement that caused the disciples to spread out across the world after Pentecost (Acts 2). They were told to go, not stay there in Jerusalem (or Israel) and speak the gospel. That’s where (I believe) the Jews messed it up in the first place. God told Abraham that through him all nations would be blessed (Genesis 22:18). Yes, you can also show that this is part of God’s overall redemptive plan, but I also believe that God hadn’t given up on the Jews and gave them an opportunity to spread knowledge of the one true God to all the world. But since the Jews hadn’t done this yet, Jesus sent the disciples out to accomplish this goal.

In today’s church there is a problem. We don’t go out anymore. We wait for new people to walk in the door, and if we’re lucky, then we can make a new disciple. Yet when we think of Jesus’ command, we are the one’s supposed to take the risk. Not wait for people to come to us, but rather go after and seek them. Also the problem shows in our individual lives. Instead of speaking to a friend, co-worker, or family member about God and Jesus when they need it, we say “Nope, not in church”. Church and our personal lives cannot be disconnected from each other. In order to be disciples, we have speak about Jesus every opportunity we get. It is true that those opportunities become easier to deal with in church. But God doesn’t only exist in church, He lives within you! So everywhere you go, God is there!

The heart of God is for His people! So as a Heart Man, let’s start a revolution and seek out people to make new disciples for Christ. Let’s move outside of our churches and into the world that the people live in. Let’s be the light of the world and shine for Jesus Christ, and show the world the real Jesus. Not the one that the media makes look bad. He is our savior, and loves each one of us. God came into this world for me, and you, and all those other people who don’t know who He is. So let’s go and make disciples!