What We Need


Today’s post took me awhile to read into, sorry its so late.

Any who, I finished reading 2 Samuel today. I was reading, trying to look for another trait of David’s to talk about. However nothing was coming up that I hadn’t already talked about. Then it came to me. A trait that brings it all together!

From where we left off in the story, a war breaks out between Israel and the Ammonites. During this war, David fell for a married woman, who became pregnant. He then had her husband killed in battle, after several attempts to hide what they had done. Their son dies as punishment for what David had done. Then David’s children start being all dramatic with each other (including a rape) which climaxes to Absalom rebelling against David. Absalom devised a secret plan to overthrow his father and become king. Once David hears of this, him and his family leave Jerusalem in order to survive the rebellion. The whole ordeal builds up to Absalom’s gruesome death (2 Samuel 18:14). David then begins to mourn the loss of his son, until he decides it is time to return to Jerusalem.

This is where we find the final trait of the Heart Man, forgiveness. In chapter 19, verses 18-43 are filled with instances of people asking David for forgiveness. But its not the same forgiveness when children accidentally spill you drink and they say “sorry”. Rather this is an example of God’s forgiveness. Everyone that asks David for forgiveness receives it, and is welcomed back to Israel.

True forgiveness is something that we don’t see anymore in today’s world. Most of the time we see “I’ll forgive you when you do ‘this’ for me.” That’s not the way God is, its not the way David was, and its not the way Jesus taught us to be. When Peter asked Jesus about forgiveness (Matthew 18:21-35), Jesus told a parable about a master and his servant. The servant owed his master 10,000 talents (that’s roughly¬†750,000 pounds of gold or silver!) but the master chose to forgive him completely.

That’s how forgiveness works in God’s world, you ask for it and its yours! You will still have to face the consequences of your actions, but God is no longer holding it against you. So this is how we should be with each other. In the Lord’s Prayer is the phrase “And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.” This means that God will forgive as we forgive, but also that we must forgive how He forgives. This is hard, because as broken, sinful creatures we want to hold on to grudges and hurt the people who hurt us. I think Matthew West summed it up very well in his song Forgiveness, “Show me how to do the impossible”.

A little bit of forgiveness can change you and the world. Most likely, you are the only one who remembers what has happened, so just forgive and be done with it. As a Heart Man, I know I have to work on forgiveness. I know its not easy, but I encourage you to work on it as well.

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