When David was first anointed king, he only became king over Judah. Then it seems like war broke out at every turn along the way. Finally Saul’s son Ishbosheth (the current king of Israel) was killed. This ultimately led to David becoming king over all of Israel. The wars continued after this, leading to David to take the city of Jerusalem. Finally, David’s main enemies, the Philistines, decide to attack as well. When David first hears about this attack, he prays “Should I go out to fight the Philistines? Will You hand them over to me?” (2 Samuel 5:19 NLT) God responded with yes and David was victorious over them. Soon after, the Philistines attacked again; once again David prayed to ask if he should attack. God gives the Philistines over to David, and he conquers them.

Notice what David did? If you don’t remember, during king Saul’s reign the Philistines were the main enemy of the Israelites. David was assigned to kill 100 Philistines for Michal to become his wife! That doesn’t sound like anything but a pretty big hatred for each other. So David is being attacked by the biggest enemy his people have known (so far) and what does he do? He prays for direction. He goes to seek God first. I’m sure David’s reaction was similar to Arturo Mendez’s reaction in the movie Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgandy, “Tonight’s top story: the sewers run red with Burgandy’s blood”.

This means for us today that we need to consult God first. Before we make any decisions! Let me say that again. BEFORE¬†we make any decisions! I’ll be the first to admit that I fail at this. It’s all to easy for us to make decisions then say “How was that God?” Instead we should consult the Lord. You see friends, God’s Will will always be carried out, no matter what. When we spend the time in prayer to consult him over our decisions can either “insure” our success or prevent us from tons of heartache. I’ve noticed when I make decisions first, ask God later, my life tends to get more difficult. And I mean LOTS more difficult. Yet spending time with the Lord (both in prayer and reading Scripture) helps us to be more in tune with His will. And when we’re more in tune with God, the better at making decisions we become.

So friends I encourage you today to begin spending time in prayer with God. That’s what the original Heart Man did. So in our journey to figure out how to be after God’s own heart, why wouldn’t we spend time in prayer? God wants to know our hearts, and for us to know His. So get to know you Father. Trust me, you’ll feel tons better!